What parts of Africa are they found?????
Baboons live in South Africa. Only certain parts though. Baboons are magnificent animals. You will be surprised how much they can do. And they are one of South Africa’s endangered species.

Baboons eat?????????
Baboons eat a large range of things. They eat grass, berries, seeds pods, blossoms. leaves, rotes, bark, and sap from plants. They eat insects and a small amount of meat. Such as fish, shell fish, hears, birds, vervet monkeys, and small antelopes.

They hate humans. They also hate many other animals such as leopards. Cheetahs. Lions. and all the other meat eating animals. To keep them safe they stay in high rise areas.

Baboon’s need to live in high places. Like cliffs. Towers. High rise areas. These areas are used so they can have a safe sleeping area. They also spend there time in high areas.

How do baboons keep them self safe???

And high cliffs to keep it’s self save from predators. There predators are lions, cheetahs and leopards. They have to sleep in high areas at nigh. Because they have to keep them self safe.