created by: Jayden
The Oryx can be found in the Eastern parts of Africa.
Its habitat is flat grassland savannas sometimes with scattered trees.
Oryx eat a variety of food and is a herbivore. They eat grass, leaves, and fruit and also buds. Also they will store water by raising their body temperature.
The Oryx can spear away a predator such as a lion. They live in small groups to help them from being taken by predators.
Oryx aren’t shy of big animals. They will attack if scared.
They obtained there name from the Greek word “orux” which means pick axe because of their horns.
The bulls are often loners because the bulls will become dangerous to others.
The Oryx heads have three black stripes and three white stripes alternating with each other.
The Oryx mainly fbul0001_oryx_pic.jpgeed on the dry desert grasses. Normally they will graze at night because the plants will contain more moisture.