Woodlands and savannas are a great place for a cheetah to live.
Cheetahs eat antelope, springbok, steenbok ,impala, duiker and warthogs. Cheetahs have become extinct in many areas because of shrinking habitats, loss of food , diseases and cub loss. 50 to 75% of cheetah cubs die before they are 3 months. Their camouflage is one of the cheetahs most greatest protections.
Did you know?

· The word cheetah comes from a Indian word meaning spotted animal
· The cheetahs scientific name is acinonyx jubatus
· Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth. The can reach up to 100 km per hour In a very short burst.
· The young cubs have a gray-blue coat and as they get older they become spotted
· The weight of a full grown cheetah is 110 to 140 pounds.

Made by : Olivia 6A
Checked by : Channen 6A